• Adiva

    Adiva AR200

    Part No. Adiva-AR200
    Brand Adiva 
    Category Motorcycle 
    Model Motorcycle Bike 
    Type Other Type 
    Price Call    Not Avalaible
    AR is a COMMUTER with a SPORTIER feel. It has the LIGHT WEIGHT and EASY USE that only ADIVA can offer. A modern design, on the cutting edge, with bold shapes and soft sections that can be completed with safety protections as required (roof, back, windscreen, etc.).
    AR is LIGHT, EASY to drive and ideal in all weathers, since you can decide your favourite PROTECTION LEVEL freely.
    AR is the ideal URBAN COMMUTER for MOVING AROUND in any weather or traffic conditions. Rushing into the office, to the gym, for a quick drink in town or out to dinner will now offer the INTENSE THRILL of being able to TRAVEL AROUND FREELY.
    When needed, AR can be “fitted out” with its protective shell, converting to a ROADSTER with HARD TOP while maintaining all of its characteristics of AGILITY in traffic and EASY use.
    The roof opens out for protection and then it can be stored away in the rear compartment or removed and left in the garage. It is also possible to fit deflectors to increase protection.
    Even the seat back can be fitted or removed as needed and the same applies to many other accessories.
    With AR you can travel quickly through traffic and arrive on time for your dates and appointments; but it also protects you against the cold and the rain while still allowing you to move about in complete SAFETY. The windscreen wiper solves all visibility problems and is an additional safety feature on this exclusive URBAN COMMUTER.