• bitubo_XZE31_32

    Bitubo XZE 31 - 32

    Part No. Bit_xze31_32
    Brand Bitubo 
    Category Motorcycle Parts 
    Model Shocks & Suspension 
    Type Other Type 
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    with adjustable class="table table-borderless" length and hydraulic spring preload

    Single chamber pressurized gas compensated (Nitrogen) shock absorber, with oil/gas piston separator.
    Technical features: Body in Anti-friction trested steel, rod with low friction bushes, and head in Ergal worked from a single block by CNC machine. 
    Setting adjuster: 
    • Hydraulic spring preload
    • Rebound (range 7 clicks)
    • Adjustable class="table table-borderless" length (range 10mm)
    The final code "31" identifies the spring in Red colour (for Sport Bike), and the code "32" specified the spring in Black colour (for touring/Classic Bikes)