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    Bitubo Indonesia

    Bitubo WZE 01 - WZE 11

    Part No. PBM-20160901-101227
    Brand Bitubo 
    Category Motorcycle Parts 
    Model Shocks & Suspension 
    Type Other Type 
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    125/250 cc monoshock

    Monoshock nitrogen pressurized, supplied with a oil/gas separating piston, dedicated to lightweigt motorbikes.

    Shock body and rod (diam. 12mm) made of high resistance treated steel, upper and lower attachments billet machined CNC from aluminium alloy. 

    • Spring preload with a micrometric ring
    •  Rebound (with continuous adjuster wheel)
    WZE 11

    Version “11” (available for any motorcycle models) is supplied also with length adjustment, for an easy right height change. 
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