• bitubo_WMT01_02_03

    Bitubo WMT 01 - 02 - 03

    Part No. bit_wmt01_02_03
    Brand Bitubo 
    Category Motorcycle Parts 
    Model Shocks & Suspension 
    Type Other Type 
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    Rear twin High Performance

    Pair of rear shock absorbers with separate tank, compensated by pressurized gas (Nitrogen). Specific setting for each motorcycle model.

    WMT improves the vehicle control even at higher level of sport riding. Thanks to the several available adjustments is possible personalize the shock for every your riding preferences.

    Technical features: Shock absorber body in high resistance steel alloy, with head in aluminium alloy fashioned from a single block by CNC Machine. 
    • Micrometric stepless single ring for spring preload.
    • Rebound (continuous or clicking adjuster, 5 or 7 clicks range)
    • Compression (clicking knob on the top of theseparate tank, range 12 clicks