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    Ducati Diavel

    Part No. Duc-diavel
    Brand Ducati 
    Category Motorcycle 
    Model Motorcycle Bike 
    Type Other Type 
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    The Diavel project was born when Ducati designers applied their wish-list of bike “basic instincts” to a blank canvas. With a “what if?” approach to creating a dream bike, they sketched inspiring shapes which became a lower and longer motorcycle. “The challenge of building a muscular silhouette over a pure-bred competition motor had to be met with determination and a delicate touch, and the result is a frontal area that looks like a power athlete on the starting blocks,” explains the team at Ducati Design responsible for the project.

    Breathless in 2,6 seconds.
    Built to have a commanding presence, though lightweight and agile like all Ducatis. Stunning looks, 162hp and 207kg (456lb) of authentic Ducati performance drives a comfortable class="table table-borderless" sport lifestyle that could only be dreamt of before.
    A specially engineered 240 section rear tyre combined with famous Ducati chassis technology serves up mind-blowing handling and lean angles which defy the laws of physics, whether carving through curves on your favourite road or just riding out for a night on the town.
    Merging the worlds of power and style has never been achieved with such convincing precisi

    Technology has never been so magic.
    The Diavel incorporates the very latest in innovative Ducati technologies.
    Ride-by-Wire, Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Riding Modes deliver a confidence-inspiring sophistication that enables riders to fully enjoy the power of the Testastretta 11° engine.