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    Honda PCX 125 cc Vietnam 2016

    Part No. PBM-20161001-102626
    Brand Honda 
    Category Motorcycle 
    Model Motorcycle Bike 
    Type Touring 
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    The Honda Motorcycles Vietnam has the reputation of giving highly reliable and long lasting performance motorcycles. It has taken an aggressive stance in timely introduction of models with latest design features and performance parameters with a good combination of power and mileage factors. Some of the other models in this line-up include Honda MSX, SH Mode, SH 150i, SH125i, Air Blade and so on. Currently, this model is available in one variant and customers can choose from four colour options.

    This is a super stylish motorcycle setting new trends in maximizing the performance and features offered in scooter segment of two-wheelers. The striking stance created by the large headlamp inserted in the beautifully designed front body panel and smooth flow of body contours up to the tail lamp. The new design of the dual straight seat with saddle height 761mm and fine positioning of the handlebar gets best possible posture for the rider assuring comfortable class="table table-borderless" ride every time. The body dimensions include 1931mm X 740mm X 1103mm (Length X Width X Height) and wheelbase of 1315mm offer stabilized riding in all road conditions.

    Engine, Economy & performance
    The Honda PCX feature 125cc engine delivering the power of 11.5hp at 7500rpm and torque of 11.7Nm at 5500rpm. The CVT transmission connects the rear wheel with the engine and smooth acceleration of the engine leads to sharp increase in speed and torque of the engine assuring easier handling over uneven surfaces and gradients. In standard road conditions, it can reach a top speed of 100kmph and mileage of around 50kmpl is reliable in city conditions and can exceed 60kmpl in best of vehicle and road conditions.

    The handling of this scooter is made easy with best possible posture for the rider and pillion passenger and accurate positioning of the handlebar. The strong buttons on the rubber used for tyres with rating 90/90 R14 for front and 100/90 R14 for rear fitted on stylish alloy wheels allowing for best of road grip while riding at high speeds and taking sharp turns and riding over wet and slippery conditions. The balanced body dynamics assures best of riding over gradients and uphill tasks. 

    Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous
    The sturdy build quality of the bike enhanced with strong tubular frame and supportive accessories and safety features as well. The brake system with disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear assure perfect to slow down and stopping of the vehicle without skidding or jerks during braking. The best of cushioning to the rider and pillion passenger assured with strong telescopic suspension at the front and hydraulic shock absorbers. Some of the other safety features include ignition lock key set, storage space of 27liters under the seat which can be handy for safe storage of items like a helmet, vehicle documents and handbag.

    This is a very stylish scooter with trend-setting features and high-efficiency performance petrol engine and makes a great selection for usage in the city as well as well-planned touring.
    The volume itself
    130 kg
    Length x WIDTH X HEIGHT
    1.931 x 737 x 1.103 mm
    Distance axle
    1.315 mm
    Altitude yen
    761 mm
    Ground clearance
    115 mm
    Fuel tank capacity
    8.0 liters
    Tyre size front / rear
    Truoc: 90/90 - 14 M/C 46P, Sau: 100/90 - 14 M/C 57P
    fork after
    Pair of cylindrical springs
    Engine type
    PGM-FI, gasoline, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, liquid-cooled
    Cylinder Capacity
    124,9 cm³
    Bore x stroke
    52,4 mm x 57,9 mm
    Compression ratio
    Maximum capacity
    8,6kW / 8500 rev / min
    Maximum torque
    11,7Nm / 5000 rev / min
    Oil capacity machines
    0.9 liters of the plant-life of
    0.8 liters when the oil change
    Transmission Type
    Automatic, stepless variable
    Boot System
    Powerful headlights
    • At the front end, using a technique glowing under the strip, new lamps shaped positioning light strip surrounds the headlights, giving the rider a sense of pride in owning a luxury car. Photos are proving flower
    Rear light design impressed
    • LED rear light clusters, which are designed to impress with two light strips surround the brake lights, combined with turn signals lights left, brings a luxury image, healthy for the car. Photos are for illustration
    Smart clock face
    • Clock face with LED lighting for high visibility, combined with electronic clocks and measuring only time fuel consumption levels in a central location. Just press the button, the driver to easily switch the display between the gauges journey, distance meter or level meter average fuel consumption. Photos are for illustration
    Intelligent engine new generation
    • PCX breakthrough with ESP (enhanced Smart Power) Intelligent engine new generation 125cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled. The engine is compact design, quiet operation, environmentally friendly and delivers sub-optimal energy consumption and has incorporated the most advanced technology.
    Electronic fuel injection system (PGM - Fi)
    • Help control and provide suitable class="table table-borderless" fuel, save fuel and reduce emissions contribute to the environment.
    Integrated sets of ACG
    • Just launch function, both functions as a generator, to help the car boot and restart easily.
    System temporarily disconnect the motor (Idling Stop)
    • Automatically disconnect the engine temporarily when the car stopped more than 3 seconds, maximum fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. The engine will be restarted as soon as the rider smooth throttle back without pushing the start button.
    Embroidery friction reduction technology and an excellent ability to burn
    • The engine is designed to reduce power consumption caused by the friction between the parts.
    • The combustion chamber with a new design, enhanced fuel combustion, fuel savings and stronger activity .
    Smart key system (Honda Smart Key)
    • PCX 125cc newly equipped Honda smart key system SMART Key a new breakthrough technology was first fitted on a motorbike in Vietnam, instead of conventional locking systems today. Honda SMART Key new privileges, positioning itself for PCX.
    Gadgets & Safety
    • PCX provides leading utilities, to meet demand from the smallest to provide convenience and comfort for the driver. Along with safety technology, so you can sit PCX experience and explore every journey.
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