• K-Factory

    K-Factory Rear Suspention for Ninja 250R

    Part No. KFAC-2009-05
    Brand K-Factory 
    Category Motorcycle Parts 
    Model Other Model 
    Type Other Type 
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    366 body is superior in cost performance.
    It is a standard body which combines φ36mm large diameter piston and φ
    16mm very thick spindle rod.
    It has a wideband body for a street ride and winding road ride. Also it has a large-capacity and high hardness so that this is recommended
    to race-oriented riders.

    MX series:
    It is a special use model which has a reservoir tank superior in radiation of heat. And also it can adjust stretching side/pressure side
    decrement power and spring pre-road.

    MZ series:
    This is an athlete model which shows stableperformance.
    It has a Mono tube body and can adjust stretching side decrement power
    and spring pre-road.