• bitubo_CLU31_32

    Bitubo CLU 31/32

    Part No. Bit_clu31_32
    Brand Bitubo 
    Category Motorcycle Parts 
    Model Shocks & Suspension 
    Type Other Type 
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    Road monoshock High Performance

    Dedicated to the bikes having some space problems on the upper attachment, the new CLU is the High Performance Mono shock for street bike.

    The compensation tank is separated from the body, in order to get more free positioning, and is linked with a flexible hose for very high pressions, internally in non-deformable Teflon and externally in metal plait, in order to avoid pressure vibrations on the suspensions oscillations. 

    Technical features: 
    Nitrogen pressurized, with oil/gas separator aluminum floating piston in the separate compensation tank. 16mm diameter piston rod, with anti-friction treatment and high sliding bushing; upper and lower attachment heads in aluminum alloy worked by CNC machines from a single block. 

    • Length (range 8 mm)
    • Hydraulic Spring Preload (range 12 mm - 24 turns of the knob)
    •  Double Compression (High Speed in 20 clicks and Low Speed in 24 clicks)
    •  Rebound (24 clicks)
    The final code "31" identifies the spring in Red colour (for Sport Bike), and the code "32" specified the spring in Black colour (for Touring/Classic Bike, in the photo)