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    Akrapovic Slip On Line (Carbon) 848 EVO 2013 for Ducati

    Part No. akr2013-duc848slc
    Brand Akrapovic 
    Category Motorcycle Parts 
    Model Exhaust 
    Type Other Type 
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    The Akrapovic SLIP-ON exhaust system for the new Ducati 848 EVO is an invincible combination of performance and price. In addition to performance, the twin titanium or carbon fiber mufflers add a clean racing look. And the Ducati will put out a much more powerful racing sound. You will also save 2.7 kg compared to the stock Ducati exhaust system.

    Measurements of the Akrapovic SLIPâ€"ON OPEN system on the DUCATI 848 EVO without muffler insert:

    Power & Torque: 
    The Akrapovic SLIP-ON OPEN system greatly increases the potential of the engine. Both power and torque are increased over the entire rpm range, with the greatest increase shown in the low and top of the range. We measured 127 HP at 10600 rpm, while the max. increased power of 3.7 HP was measured at 4800 rpm.