• REMUS Revolution Stainless Steel Black   322
    Remus Racing

    REMUS Revolution Stainless Steel Black

    Part No. REM-322
    Brand Remus Racing 
    Category Motorcycle Parts 
    Model Exhaust 
    Type Exhaust Headers 
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    The Revolution has begun!

    REMUS Revolution â€" THE original exclusive EEC approved sport silencer for many motorcycle applications. This silencer has a weight, depending on the chosen model of around 2.5kg. It goes without saying that all REMUS R&D engineers were behind this project to ensure that only the best silencer combination made it through the rigorous tests.

    The removal of the riveted sound tube enhances a further performance increase throughout the entire engine range for race track usage. It doesn’t make any difference whether the stainless steel exhausts are provided with outer jacket made of titanium, aluminium or carbon, the REMUS Revolution is utterly the enhancement of any evolution â€" an exclusive exhaust for exclusive motorcycles. The aluminium REMUS Revolution emblem stands for superior quality and gives the exhaust that exclusive special touch.